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Ever wondered what it was like when tall ships sailed?
Well, those days are back!

Mikael Krafft of Stockholm, Sweden dreamed of reviving the golden age of tall ships. As a child he started with an 18ft wooden sail boat and in later life was able to realize his dream when, in 1991, he launched his first new, 4 masted, 379 foot deluxe sailing passenger yacht.


There are now 3 ships, two 4 masted, and one 42 sail, 5 masted clipper ship which is the largest passenger sailing ship in the world. These ships all sail by the wind with "engines off" except in port. They sail calm waters to many unique destinations.


Comfort and class lend to the luxury of these yachts and you feel like you are a private guest. You are invited to climb a mast to the crows nest, or venture out into the bow net, or even take a turn at the helm.


It's about the voyage and the ambiance. These three ships are privately owned by Mikael and don't suffer the pressure and restraints of typical corporate owned cruise ships. He wants people to experience the grandeur of the seas that once was and that is reflected in cabin rates, considerably lower than similar large or small ship cruises.


These ships sail unique itineraries in the Mediterranean and Caribbean, visiting small towns few other ships ever come near. You can sail & watch the Grand Prix in Monaco, visit the Greek Islands of "Mama Mia" fame, anchor off a deserted tropical Caribbean island to then go ashore and swim from an uninhabited beach.

Calm waters ... Worried about motion, well don't ... two reasons.
The first is: These are big yachts with real sails that move her along. The many sails keep her in one stable, steady position as she glides along with practically no "roll" at all. Large real sailing ships have less motion than big cruise ships - it's the sails.
The second is: Most of the day, the ships sail in the calm waters near shore as they continually visit unique towns and ports.

We love to sail these majestic clippers and our AATPA office is a booking agency. We arrange for singles and couples, but also schedule groups, which are a lot of fun ... and yes, these ships can be privately chartered for large groups and will sail where you want!


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