Booking Engine Instructions & Help

This is the best online booking tool available. Please jump in and enjoy.
Try many options to get best for you. You can't hurt anything.
You can't accidentally book anything as long as credit card is not entered.

Here are some helpful hints to get the most from it.

Although this is a Hawaii web site, the booking engine also has
Mexico Hotels in it - compare offers, book what you want.

PAGE 1 - What, Where, When, Who?

- Pick the best room

PAGE 4 - LAST STEP - Insurance & Final Price

If you are just doing research
(Print your work pages if you wish and close web)

Then you may want to go back to first page and try other
travel options for comparison
start over

But . . .

If this looks good and you are ready to book and
check out, then continue thru the next 3 pages

* To Book - (Next page)
You will need everyone's exact name as it is printed
on their ID or drivers license and their birthdate

* Final Review - (Following page)
This is your final summary, if it is correct move on.

* To Pay Online - (Last page)
Simply fill out the credit card entry form on last page

Some packages will only need deposit, others will require full payment and others may need deposit for hotel and full pay for airfare. You will be given the different choices on the payment page.

Not Certain? - Need Help? - Pay by Phone!
~ Use our free AATPA Personal Booking Service ~
If you are still not completely sure you booked everything correctly and would like personal help before you pay, don't pay online! - Call us!

For phone pay, follow the extra steps online:
1. Enter names
2. Accept review
3. The 3rd page appears, Stop here!
~ Copy booking number shown at top left ~
~ Print copy for yourself then exit the web ~

Call us at 800-975-2992.
Give us the booking number. We will be able to pull up your unpaid booking and review it with you in a live conversation. We can make changes or explain items to you as we review. Once satisfied, we can take credit card.

All credit card payments are charged directly by Pleasant Holidays

For AATPA personal planning and itinerary assistance,
you must have created your preliminary reservation here
in our AATPA web pages.

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